Rhyme Your Baby Into Superior Reader

Five Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed, this is a famous and lovable nursery rhymes video that most parents sang to the babies and toddlers to lull asleep. It is safe to say that every parent wants the best for their children. Parents fight to give their children things in this way that they never had. Certainly, education is on the top of the list for most parents. Parents would sacrifice everything to get their child into the top elementary school, a top high school and the very best college.

Parents understand that by giving a high-quality education, they are giving their children power of fighting in this world. Singing these nursery rhymes has a positive effect on our babies. Studies show teaching nursery rhymes to our young ones improve their early literacy skills. These would include oral language, phonics, and the rhythm of words to name a few.

Language Development

When playing nursery rhymes to the children, they get to hear how consonants sound, the children also get to hear how vowels sound. The nursery rhymes give the child a chance to learn how to combine the sounds together to form words. Children like to sing these songs as they play, this gives the child a chance to practice their voice inflection and the rhythm of language. Since nursery rhymes are short and sweet, they are easy for children to repeat and they become the first chance for them to make sentences.

Cognitive Development

The most nursery rhymes video has easy rhythms and patterns; the simple patterns are easy for children to learn easy recall and memorization. A lot of the nursery rhymes tell a story with a beginning, middle and an end. This helps the children to understand the sequence of events. Nursery rhymes also held children to understand and follow story outlines. With technology today a lot of people playing nursery rhyme videos selection can wash and sing along. Whether the parents sing the nursery rhyme or whether it is played in video format the results are the same.

Social Development

The rhythm of nursery rhymes also gives the perfect bonding opportunity between child and parent. This positive interaction between, child and parent could include clapping to the more than of a nursery rhyme. For social development reasons, this is very important. Believe it or not, nursing rhymes also help children to develop a sense of humor.