The Most Effective Way to Teach Nursery Rhymes to Children

Nursery rhymes are the best when it comes to raising the phonemic awareness of children. Among the aspects that may be developed here are alliteration, rhyming, and the tempo. These can provide children the help and assistance they need when it comes to the process of reading. Normally, nursery rhymes are the best because they are tools in teaching word parts. The best examples for this on the other hand are syllables and blends. These can be helpful and there are so many ways to utilize such most especially in preschool. What are the usual strategies for this?

The Strategies in Teaching Nursery Rhymes in Preschool and Children

If you really want to perfect the teaching of nursery rhymes, there are only simple ways to do such. These are the following:

  • The most important deal is to utilize funny voices for example row row row your boat. The rhyme has to be said one or even several times. It can be said in a robot voice. It is not only that. There are still other options including British accent, Opera voice, Texas Twang, baby voice, scary with voice, monster voice, pirate voice or tiny mouse. These are effective in having the students do action while you are reading. They can pretend to throw a ball. They can also do jumping jacks or act like an animal. All of these should work.
  • Tap the rhythm is also another. The rhythm is tapped here with the use of a rhythm stick. Students may also clap if they would want to. They may even pat their legs to a certain rhythm or even march. The process is ideal enough because it helps the fluency of students, which you can yourself as well observe, as an example try hymning twinkle twinkle baby collection. They will learn to read and they will be able to do this naturally. This is when they get to feel a steady beat in them. They will have a chance to this while repeating the words which would help most students memorize. That should be assistive too.
  • Finding rhyming words is also another strategy that may be employed. The students would have to look for rhyming words in this kind of activity. It has to be known if they are going to be spelled out or not. The students would have to think of other words too which are going to rhyme. If by any chance, the students are said to be older, they can always make up lines or two that may end with a new word. These are the common ways to enjoy the activity. A very good suggestion here would be the Christmas carols online song.

Enjoying the Presence of Nursery Rhymes for Children

Needless to say, there are still many other strategies that parents or teachers may use in order to succeed in here. For instance, it may be feasible to substitute new words into most nursery rhymes and they can also change other words if needed in order for such to rhyme. Students may also be asked to think of another instrument if they would want to. These are some of the options to really give a shot.