Advantages of the Nursery Rhymes

The nursery rhymes songs are very necessary for children of age three to seven. The children can still read and sing nursery rhymes even after the age of seven but it is not a must. The children often find the nursery rhymes interesting and full of fun. Even for some adults, the nursery rhymes are hilarious. The nursery rhymes are of great use for the children. The children are able to learn different stories through rhyme and get knowledge of use.

Benefits of Nursery Rhymes

The nursery rhymes are advancing children to have an idea of different things which they don’t know. Usually, the nursery rhymes such as wheels on the bus song video and rhyme are capable of making things hilarious for kids which are otherwise stressful. For instance, some kids are afraid of spider and other insects. While the poems about the spiders make them stimulating for kids. The rhymes are a source of motivation for kids. The rhymes are best to use as a story for the kids. Through rhymes, the social skills of the children are improved and their language development is boosted as well. The children are able to learn reading and writing through the rhymes. It is a point to ponder that the good readers have great speech and language skills.

  • The nursery rhymes are very short and easy. The rhymes are first to step to stimulate the memory of children as they tend to memorize it. After several repetitions of the rhyme, the children are able to remember it. The rhyme is often toned by the children in their own way, which improves their creativity. The repetition of the rhyme can enable your child to pronounce the words correctly, and become aware of the different sounds which make up different words.
  • The nursery rhymes are often very organized. The rhyming words are often repeated at the end of every line of the rhyme eg. Yankee doodle went to town riding on a pony rhyme. The rhyming words enable children to think of their own and make such words. The different patterns of sounds will enable the child’s mind to cater different sounds and their pronunciation.
  • The rhymes are very crucial in enable your child to read and learn different words. Most importantly the speech and language skills are boosted.
  • The rhymes are exposing children to have an affection for books. The children might be able to develop a hobby of book reading at very early age. The children are able to have patience to listen to other and then react.
  • The nursery rhymes are opportunity for your child to have participation in learning prospects. The rhymes are a source of increasing the rhythm of brain and body to be stimulated perfectly.
  • The brain of the children is sharpened through memorizing the rhymes. The rhymes have several difficult words which once memorized by children are never forgotten.
  • The rhymes are increasing the social skills of your children. The social skills are improved as different kids sing rhymes together and have interaction with each other.
  • Most of the nursery rhymes are based on the stories and instances of past. Hence, the rhymes are important in conveying history to the children in efficient and easy way.