Clash Attacks Which Work Best?

What are the best clash attacks? With a wide variety of different troops, it can be difficult to know. What is the best way to attack an enemy for loot or trophies?

Lava Hounds and Balloons

Using lava hounds to deal with air defenses and then balloons to level the rest of the enemy’s castle you can quickly overwhelm a foe. Lava hounds have very high hit points so can deal with a lot of enemy defenses. Your balloons are much slower so this will give your lava hounds time to clear air defenses. Remember to attack from a side. Attacking a corner is bad as your balloons will not spread out enough.


If a castle has a lot of clan troops inside, it would be easier to destroy if you could somehow make those troops leave. To do this you should use a small group of very quick troops such as hog riders and combine them with a tank unit, a golem, to attack an area. This will draw enemy troops away from your main attack.

Spam one troop type.

Spawning a large number of units in a column will make them band together this makes them very dangerous attacking a single point. The downside is trapped will cause horrendous casualties. The other spam option is to form a row, this provides a wide but shallow attack range. Using units with splash damage in this formation can be devastating but it requires a lot of troops that can leave other sides weakened.

These are just some ideas for what the best clash attacks are written without any knowledge of the game whatsoever.  Perhaps they will work out is entirely possible, either way, happy farming, raiding, and clan clashing and good luck killing goblins.